Good Evening all 

I have a question surrounding the Story skeleton templets 

For my project, there are multiple protagonists the fits the Hero driven narrative ( like Game of Thrones)  that overlaps and splits of as time passes. 

I am not sure how I would track that in the software. 

Do I map all the characters out for each there own act structure or am I missing a basic principle to this? 

So for example. 

Harry meets Ron and Hermoine and they then split off into there own chapters and progression. Thus needing to answer (want,need etc) 

Suggestion welcome and guidance, please.  

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Hi there,
Yes, this is something that's been raised before, and I'm afraid there isn't a great answer for it - the software doesn't currently allow you to create story skeletons for each of the character's arcs, and that's definitely something we'd like to do in the future.
Sorry that's not more helpful...
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