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I have just finished the first draft of my novel, using this software! Ã°Å¸Ëœâ€ž

But, there's a problem.

After exporting the manuscript to '.docx' format, I find that all full stops, commas, exclamation marks and apostrophes are in bold. Also, only the dots at the bottom of question marks are bold. A picture is posted above.

If I  Select All (Ctrl A) and make it Bold, the whole manuscript turns Bold. If I de-select Bold, we're back to the problem.

Needless to say, I did not type the stuff that way.

It would be physically impossible to correct it all one by one.

A solution please. 
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Hi Avi,

Congrats on completing the first draft of your novel!

That is very strange... have you tried exporting to .doc format? If so, does the same thing happen?

Please could you email us your exported docx documet so we can try to figure out what's happening?
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