Hello Katya. I have plumbed the depths of Novel Factory (or as I call it Short Story Factory). I thrashed around its nooks, misusing and abusing, trying to break it (not a QA type by nature, but I did my best). I do believe that I understand your Premise/Goals for NF, how I can use it, and its probable product development arc.

I did download a few other programs from your loyal opposition, and thrashed on them, as well. Scrivener, for example, has quite the learning cliff.

There are financial constraints in my life, which I have already partially violated (Sigh, live and learn).  So purchasing a writing software solution is going to cut into my beer fund this month. 

I choose the desktop version of Novel Factory. The final decision point was realizing that no software is going to be everything for everybody. But the help-rich Internet handily provides many of the other parts I might want. So why not go with one that has an easy to use, intrinsic backbone of guidance. (I get $2 US, every time you use the phrase "intrinsic backbone of guidance" in any marcom patter)(JK).

Thank you for your patience, and giving me time to have a thorough look at NF.

Finally, do you have a ball park on the subscription pricing for the online version?

If there weren't any screw ups, there wouldn't be any stories
- Wyatt Stafford
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Thanks for your lovely comments, Wyatt - it's great to hear we made the cut!

We haven't finalised the subscription costs for the online version yet, so I wouldn't want to put anything out there.

We hope to launch early next year though, so shouldn't be too long to wait...
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