I bring you greetings from the Northwestern suburbs of Austin, TX. 160 people a month move into the metro area; that growth push the total metro pop to 2,000,000 last year. That means there are approximately 98,000 people with ENTP as their MBTI type in Greater Austin.

By the way, that's my type, ENTP. There are lots of MBTI websites if you want to look it up.

After decades of prayer, reflection, counseling and medications, I have a decent amount of self awareness. Thus I could create of character based on me. But what about other characters? A room full of ENTPs would soon devolve into a bunch of shouting and eye rolling. So, since my type is only about 5% of the population, an all ENTP story is unlikely to interest anyone.

Are there any others knowledgeable of MBTI on the NF forum? Anyone use it to build characters? 

Happy New Year, Y'all

If there weren't any screw ups, there wouldn't be any stories
- Wyatt Stafford
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Happy New Year! Sorry for the slow reply, we're up to our eyeballs in Novel Factory online over here...

I haven't heard of ENTP, but the Myers Briggs categories sound like an interesting way to start or build on characters.

I think if you were going to do something like that you'd need to make all the characters different Myers Briggs types.

Other frameworks I've seen used in this way are western starsigns, chinese starsigns, and Jungian archetypes. I've dabbled with using them but not done anything serious.

I think this would be an interesting section to add to NF...
“It's extremely useful in organizing and making me think about what I write. The advice was invaluable, and the step-by-step instructions guided me extremely well through the writing process, allowing me to develop characters and plot a lot further than expected.” - See more at: http://www.novel-software.com/writingsoftwaretestimonials.aspx#sthash.0smYiFBM.dpuf
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I've seen the Tarot presented as a version of the Hero's Journey. I actually have a Tarot deck coming in the mail (as soon as some licensing issues are solved) based on characters from Twin Peaks. It's amazing how well it all works together. It would be intersting to apply it to other stories as well. I'm sure there's a Wizard of Oz tarot out there somewhere. [Pause for a web search.] Yep. There is.
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