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Hello everyone, it's good to be here [smile] 

I'm Jyl from Northern Ireland.

My 3 dogs mean everything to me (and I suppose so does my partner! hehe!) We all live in an idyllic setting in the Glens of Antrim, and I have a t-shirt printing business as well as a website where I review decks of playing cards (a passion since I was only wee). Since discovering how much I've loved actually writing the reviews almost as much as I love the decks themselves, I've decided to 'boldly go' and finally make myself settle down and start writing a novel. I've had so many ideas fill my head over the years and I truly feel like the characters are my friends. So I owe it to them to write their stories. Maybe they'll get published, maybe they won't. But I know I'm going to enjoy the creation process.
And I know this programme is going to aid and abet me the whole way!! After trying the free trial I was completely sold and had to get the full version. I know I won't regret it. [cool]
I'm looking forward to getting stuck in, and I'm wishing everyone all the very best in their writings [wave] Bye for now!

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