OK. I'll admit from the GetGo, I'm at an age where learning something mnew xcan be challenging. Have bought The Novel Factory after a play with it, but am having reeal problems when I imported a partial manuscript. I am finding it difficlut to even find it again. I eventually worked out what delimiters were, never even heard the word before, and applied them, so now I have scenes, and I thought a first draft. 
Buit I can't find them.

During the trial run, I worked through the premise, etc to scenes and added characters, all of which are saved. BUT, I couldn't import my already (unfinished) written work, because the scenes from the imported material are not the same as the original saved version. So.

I can't find a way to combine the best of both, i.e. keep the info and photographs of the characters (which take a long time to manually type in again) and the written work that I can build on to complete my Novel.

Great options starting something new, but no hint of difficulties encountered when trying to use already written work.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Thank You PatT

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Hi Pat,

I'm so sorry for the delay in reply - your message somehow got lost.

Let's try to get you sorted : )

Can I just clarify that you'd like to merge character info which you've already entered into the Novel Factory, with text from a manuscript that you've already written?

Have you already added other scenes in the Novel Factory, and do you also need to save those?
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