I noticed there was a new update, tried to download it, but couldn't log in to the site. The site has lost the cookies for my password, and I've forgotten it. So I went through asking for a new password but have not receive an email.

I'm sure the update isn't that important, but I'd like to have it.

Is the Desktop Version still being developed, or has it more or less been abandoned in favour of the online version (which is inconvenient and expensive)?
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Hi BookCat,

Assuming you're using the Desktop version, you don't need to log in to download the latest version of the software.

You can get the latest version here: (or from any of the buttons that say 'download' on the site).

Once you have downloaded and installed it, you may need to re-enter your licence details. Your username will be the email you used for purchase, and if you've lost your licence password key, you can have it resent to you from here:

If you don't receive an email after using the password retrieval form, then you probably need to whitelist our domain: as the emails must be getting blocked by your spam filters.

Can you let me know if that helps?

No, the current Desktop version is no longer having new features actively developed, though we are still supporting it and carrying out bug fixes. We are focussing our energies on some exciting new features including a new data display view, a timeline, and grouping of characters and locations - because of limitations of the technology it's not possible to add these to the current Desktop version, so we will add them to the Online version first, then progress on version 2.0 of the Desktop version, which will contain all features, including the subplot manager. However, we don't have any timescales on that so far.
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