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So yesterday I wrote 3,300 words for Chapter 1 & 2 of my novel. I tried to find it today but couldn't find it. Does this software have autosave feature. If it doesn't you must implement that tomorrow at the latest. All writing software that calls itself professional must have autosave feature, which is settable by the user. I'm going to have to use MS Word now so I can find my text after writing it.

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Hi videofame,

The software does have an autosave/backup feature.  If you go to the main menu, File -> Restore from Backup, you should get a list of autosaved novels.  If you didn't manually save the novel, then it should be titled "The Novel Factory Auto Save".  There may be multiple versions, saved at different times of the day.  We improved this functionality in the most recent version (1.33), it should hopefully be possible to recover most or all of your lost work.

The autosave feature is intended for emergency recovery of lost work, though, and manual saving is still recommended.

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