I am not able to access my notes, character profiles, or locations from either my tablet or my mobile phone. If I click on the little pencil to open the box, nothing happens. I can start a new note or character profile, but I can not access any of the existing ones. This has been going on for weeks.

The problem doesn't exist on my computer, just my mobile devices, but of course one of the reasons that I chose the web-based program instead of the desktop is so that I could use it across all my devices. I've already tried the obvious remedies of logging in and out and restarting the devices, which didn't work.


Thanks, Randi
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Hi Randi,
Many thanks for bringing this to our attention - we will get it fixed asap. Please bear with us while we isolate the issue, make the fix, test and deploy it. As you may imagine, this process is not immediate, but this is obviously a very urgent bug and we will treat it as an extremely high priority. Apologies for the frustration this must have caused, and if you email me at support@novel-software.com I will try to sort you out with something to compensate you for the inconvenience.
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