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1.) Customisable Character Questionnaire... ability to edit and/or add entries to the Character Questionnaire. This would allow one to alter or expand upon the current character questionnaire so that it might better fit their story.

I find I would have to create a series of notes to accommodate the questions I would like to add. Further, those additions are circumstantial to that specific story and may not be appropriate for other stories, and thus probably wouldn't be appropriate as permanent additions to the software.

2.) Screenplay Formatting Support / Paragraph Indents... maybe via word-processing templates or something? ...or "Fountain"? At the very least, a quick way to do left and right indents for character names and dialogue would be incredibly helpful. Maybe some sort of way to save and re-use pre-set indents? Just spit-balling here...

3.) Calendar features... ability to make custom calendars (from the length of a year down to the number of seconds in a minute - for those that might need such precision)... and then link scenes to when they occur on that calendar... as well as location and character milestones (birth, death, etc).

For example, the ability to create a calendar for a saga that spans hundreds of years... only those years are 36 months long... and each month is 47 days... each day is 19 hours... each hour is 200 minutes... and I suppose seconds could be included as well.

The idea being that someone could create a calendar to accommodate a story that spans years or hours... regardless of if those are earth-type years or years for another planet entirely.

I specify a calendar feature instead of a timeline feature because I read in another feature request post that timeline implementation might be a bit tricky (which, perhaps could be solved by Aeon Timeline integration/support for now? I know I would finally give in and buy Aeon Timeline if I could link it to Novel Factory in some way.)...

But what about simply forgoing the aesthetics in favour of functionality... For instance, instead of a nice visual timeline, it could just be a standard customisable box calendar... or even text based... like a day-planner.  Just enough to where the writer can look at a day and see which scenes occur at what time, and determine if there is an issue (i.e. character in two places at once... or travelling great distances over unrealistically - relatively speaking - short periods of time) or an opening for more action.

It would actually be quite useful pull up "Day 17 of Month 8" and see all of the story events that occur on that day, even if they're not related... Or pull up a character and see all of the dates that relate to them (i.e. left the city on this day; met the antagonist on that day). Wouldn't even have to be a graph... a list or group of icons would be more than enough.

All that said, I'm not a programmer, so I have no idea the feasibility of implementing any of the above requests. But, even if they can't be added, I'm already quite pleased with the program and extremely grateful for it's existence and continued support. Keep up the great work!


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1) Yes! Much more customisation - that's the next major phase for us. And the character questionnaire will definitely be one of the places we start.

2) Screenplay formatting - request noted. I will have a look into it. This may not be that difficult to implement as a sort of template formatting. 

3) Mmmm. Interesting. When I started reading my initial thought was 'have a look at the timeline conversation' so I'm glad I read on first! Adding just a calendar for reference may not be as difficult and may work well as a stop gap option. I'll add it to the list.

Thanks for your input and please keep it coming!

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