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Features or improvements you'd like to see in the desktop version of The Novel Factory.
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Features or improvements you'd like to see in the online version of The Novel Factory.
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Feature Request: Batch export...
by thenovelfactory

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Colour Themes Wysardry 3
by FredFoo
Ability to shrink scene overview BookCat 3
by BookCat
More time on the demo version Wysardry 2
by Wysardry
Different languages Etojok 4
by thenovelfactory
Suggestion for a 'redo' button. JunoApollo 2
by thenovelfactory
About Jungian Character Archetypes (and that feature generally) KellBrigan 1
by thenovelfactory
Sometime too many character questions Gapsen 1
by thenovelfactory
Heads, Tails & Incidents KellBrigan 13
by thenovelfactory
Custom Character Type Available thenovelfactory 0
by thenovelfactory
Character Questionnaire Gabrielle 2
by Gabrielle
3 Feature Requests - custom character questionnaire, paragraph indents, custom calendars Adairia 1
by thenovelfactory
Viewing Scenes Gabrielle 3
by wyattonline
Backup mhender668 3
by thenovelfactory
Character timeline feature....? JunoApollo 7
by jackstr952
Clicking between main 'tabs'.... JunoApollo 3
by thenovelfactory
Wonderful Suggestions For A person Looking for Info About Environmentally friendly Strength Technologies axobepy 2
by thenovelfactory
Online Access Shebwetebs 8
by thenovelfactory
Paragraph Formatting KellBrigan 1
by thenovelfactory
What does Scrivener do that The Novel Factory doesn't?
1 2
thenovelfactory 27
by thenovelfactory
Plot Points Shebwetebs 7
by Loretta Green
About that Mystery Template... KellBrigan 11
by Ghostly
Ability to attach images to scenes jenniferbrownuk 1
by thenovelfactory
Crowd Funding for Novel Factory Mac version? thenovelfactory 2
by thenovelfactory
Status Indicator for Scenes KellBrigan 2
by KellBrigan
Bits & Bobs In the Text Editor KellBrigan 3
by thenovelfactory
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